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About Tom Cheek

Tom Cheek is a Cobb County Native who lives and works in Cobb District 3. Tom has helped raise 4 children in Cobb, and has proudly watched them graduate from KSU, SPSU (and is still in shock that his youngest daughter is now old enough to be a senior at UGA).

After over 30 years spent in Restaurant Operations as a Manager, District Manager, Owner, and Consultant, Tom now enjoys working directly with restaurant owners providing software that help make their businesses more profitable.

Like many who become involved in local government, Tom became involved after personal experience left him disappointed with the status quo. A family tragedy made Tom aware of the lack of oversight and mismanagement of the Cobb Medical Examiner's Office.

"Someone should do something" evolved into "I will be that someone", and Tom has been busy ever since.

After a successful campaign to restructure and reform the ME Office, Tom did his homework and took action by initiating SPLOST reform, improving access to Open Records, and promoting direct discussions about the spending problems that have led to the current County Budget Crisis.

Tom believes that the role of County Government is simple - to provide necessary and quality services at a reasonable cost to taxpayers.

  • Tom believes the Board of Commissioners should provide services to taxpayers at a reasonable cost, not redistribute money to special interest groups.
  • Tom will work to stop the trend of over-development in District 3 and in Cobb County in general.
  • Tom has fought for SPLOST reform, and will continue to do this once elected.

Committee to Elect Tom Cheek
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